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Death of Oliver Ivanović

Oliver Ivanović, one of the most prominent Kosovo Serb politicians, was killed in front of his office this morning around 08:15. According to the press reports, he was hit with four or five bullets, found by a neighbor still alive, but died in a hospital within an hour. A burned car was found in a […]

EU wakes to biggest crisis in its history

EU wakes to biggest crisis in its history as Merkel ally warns: No special treatment Brussels is faces a “nightmare” this morning as Brexit plunged the European Union into the gravest crisis in its 59-year history. Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-immigration leader, this morning called for a referendum on the Netherland’s membership of the EU […]

First day on line

What a sad day to come on line. We are still contemplating what consequences Brexit will have on the UK, the EU, Croatia, the Balkans and the rest of the world, but for now we mainly regret this decision which we think will be bad for both the UK and the EU. Both have grown […]

French Elections – let the games begin!

Because of the importance of French elections on the future of the European Union, especially if the isolationists win, we decided to start following the issue to the end. “Watching Monday’s French presidential debate from outside France, one could but be struck by the thought that this is an election that may matter even more […]

Henry’s Ghosts

Or how the phoenix of dialogue keeps rising from the ashes…  

How Russia Bought Itself a NATO Country

No, it’s not what you think.

ICTY ends its mandate by confirming judgement against Bosnian Croats

Today, the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, the ICTY, was supposed to pass its final words. Its last ruling was to be on appeal of the six Bosnian Croats accused of war crimes. But apart from individual responsibility, this ruling had much bigger implications because the original judgement[1] included a claim that the six […]

Tell me how this ends

TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS This famous phrase is now almost 20 years old. When General Petreaus asked it, it was about the Iraq war. But it applies to every engagement in conflict, especially to the situation in Ukraine after 100 days of war. Because, frankly, the stakes are much higher than any conflict since […]

Ukraine – when the shooting stops

It’s been some three weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started. So where are we now and where is this likely to go? Russia seems stalled in general, but its military is continuing attacks on UA cities with increased shelling of civilian areas and facilities, leading to massive evacuation of civilians. Russian military is […]

US Secretary of State on Brexit

On the United Kingdom – European Union Referendum Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC June 24, 2016 Earlier today, I spoke to British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond regarding yesterday’s referendum in the United Kingdom. The citizens of the U.K. have made their decision and we will of course respect it. I want […]

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