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A Year Has Passed

This Monday marked a year since the last election in Croatia, when the HDZ beat the SDP against all odds to win another mandate after its Karamarko government imploded in a series of inexplicable self-goals. And an anniversary is always a good moment for stock taking, so let’s see where Croatia is today, compared to […]

Another Year, Another Penny

As this most adventurous 2017 ends, perhaps it is time to take a look and see where Croatia finds itself today. When the Plenković government came into office, most observers thought that a cabinet led by a polished European diplomat and comprising several well-known technocrats is just what the country needs. And the initial tone […]

Convention of Contention

These days, two Croatian politicians find themselves between the proverbial rocks and hard places, both related to a fairly simple issue of ratifying a Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. The Convention, commonly known as the „Istanbul Convention“, is a relatively straightforward convention providing more elaborate protection […]

How Is the Government Doing?

A year after the new government was sworn in, problems seem to mount at an alarming rate. Although the main macroeconomic indicators show progress, underlying problems seem unable to go away no matter how hard the Plenković team tries. The biggest of those being, of course, Agrokor. Six months ago, the government pushed through a […]

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